Customer Reviews

5star May 21, 2017
Melody J.
Pet play house was so great when I had them watch over my dog Kylie. I looked over a two year period of time. U were the only one in town that was good. All the other ones in town was horrible. Dirty small and the people working at them not welcoming. So thanks so much I went on vacation without worry because of your place making me feel so comfortable not to worry!!! Thanks so much I have recommended your place to all my friends.
Business response:
Thanks for your nice review Melody, we all miss Kylie already! She’s the sweetest… maybe we can see her again someday if you take another trip 🙂

5staron Google,  May 20, 2017
Cheryl Finn
They take excellent care of our dog. Fun activities and a report from the day. I wouldn’t take him anywhere else.
Business response:
Thanks Cheryl for mentioning our doggy activities in your review! Look forward to seeing you soon!

5staron Google, May 20, 2017
kelly hunt
My three dogs love bording here and always return home happy and tired from all their activities! The staff even provide a daily report card on how they did, I love that. Great care!!
Business response:
Kelly thanks for the positive feedback! We love it when your 3 kids come to stay with us 🙂

5star on Yelp, Apr 21, 2017
Rhonda M. 
Pet Play House is awesome! Everyone was so friendly and very welcoming to my dog. I was looking for a dog day care to help socialize him and this is definitely the place! He will be going one day a week and I know he will be in good hands. Thank you Pet Place House! You are all amazing!
Business response:
Rhonda thank you for your business and for mentioning our friendly staff in your review! Look forward to seeing you soon

5star on Yelp, Apr 19, 2017
Kristen Warner
Our Boxer boy Rudy had the time of his life at his first day at the Pet Play House! So excited to have a fun and safe place for him to play with friends! The staff was informative and friendly too! I loved the report card they sent home with Rudy, telling how and what he did during his day, and the name of two friends that he made! As a loving pet parent, feeling secure about where my boy spends his day is so important, and I’m SO happy to have found the Pet Play House!
Business response:
Thank you for your recommendation Kristen, I’m glad we were able to help you feel secure while Rudy was with us!

5staron Google,  Apr 14, 2017
Nicole Tucker
The staff is very friendly and have great attention to detail. They remembered mine and Halle’s name by our second visit. She was only nervous going in once and is excited every time I drop her off now. The other day I took her in and mentioned that she seemed a little lethargic and maybe wasn’t feeling well and to please keep an eye on it and call me if needed. When I went to pick up up that same day they gave me a full update, without being prompted, about how she acted and behaved all day. It feels like they really really care about each dog and their well being. I also got a craft sent home with her on her first day, I almost died it was so cute!
Business response:
Hi Nicole! Thanks for the nice review and for mentioning our staff’s follow-up! We love when Halle comes to play she’s so much fun!

5star Apr 13, 2017
Gina L.
People that work there are always very nice. Love the report cards and craft projects they do! I have collected them all and have put them in a scrapbook. Great place for spoiled pooches!
Business response:
Gina we love that you keep all your dog’s art work and report cards! We do the same, thanks for the nice review!

5staron Google, Apr 13, 2017
William Buck
This place rocks! Your dog will love it.
Business response:
Hey thanks for your recommendation!

5staron Google, Apr 13, 2017
Joe Kochel
Taz had a great time. He’s a French bulldog and been with both the small and big dog groups. He’s done well in both and it’s nice that he is so tuckered out at night from playing all day!
Business response:
Thank you Joe and Taz! We look forward to playing with Taz again soon 🙂

5staron Google, Apr 13, 2017
Lindsay Novello
Pet play house is amazing!! They take care of my corgi and they recognize him every morning I bring him in! They do amazing activities and ever time he comes home from there, he is exhausted!
Business response:
Lindsay, thanks for your five star review, and for mentioning the fun activities we do with our doggies! We hope to see you soon!

5staron Google, Apr 13, 2017
Cary Yamamoto
Staff is friendly and I like the report card at the end of the day!
Business response:
Thanks so much for your feedback!

5staron Google, Apr 13, 2017
Rachel Riley
My boy, Charlie, LOVES pet playhouse. He goes to daycare 2-3 days a week and comes home so tired! When we get there in the morning he runs inside. The staff is all so sweet to him and me. I wouldn’t take him anywhere else.
Business response:
Thank you Rachel, we love Charlie too!




5staron Google, Apr 12, 2017
Cassi Bussick
Our dogs are always well taken care of here!
Business response:
Thank you so much Cassi! See you again soon 🙂

4star on Google, Apr 06, 2017
Neha Singh
Business response:
Thank you for giving us 4 stars Neha!

5staron Google, Apr 05, 2017
Jodie Johnston
Business response:
Thank you for the five star rating Jodie!

5star Apr 05, 2017
Pet play house is a awesome doggy day care. My dog Jackie has a great time hanging out with the staff and other dogs. She really looks forward to going to pet play house, and I know she’s safe. Thanks.
Business response:
Thank you Jared! We look forward to having miss Jackie visit us too!

5staron Google, Apr 04, 2017
Evelyn Grosenick
Business response:
Thank you for the five star rating Evelyn!

5star Apr 04, 2017
My 2 dogs LOVE going to Pet Playhouse! They get lots of play time and cuddles with the awesome staff. I am very picky who I allow to watch my dogs and with Pet Playhouse I know they are getting the best care. Both of my pups are under the age of 2…so an added bonus is they come home tired…lol. Thanks Pet Playhouse!
Business response:
Thank you for choosing us Doreen and for your feedback!

5staron Google, Mar 27, 2017
Shannon Haze
The caring staff are amazing, and give you reports about your fur baby and their day when you pick them up. Also important to note, is that the safety is taken very seriously, both for your pet and the entire facility. Love this place! ❤
Business response:
Shannon, thank you for recommending our caring staff and mentioning our safety standards!

5staron Google, Mar 27, 2017
Sarah Dawn
My Saint Bernard Roscoe loves it there. He knows every time where we are going and he never wants to come home. The staff is always so nice and welcoming. We boarding him one weekend and the prices were great for the area and the room he got. Definitely going to miss this place when we move to Colorado.
Business response:
Thank you Sarah! We always love hearing about how smart our doggies are how they know where they are going on their way to daycare 🙂

5staron Google, Mar 26, 2017
Stephanie Spear
Nice environment for a dog.Attention to detail to keep all dogies content and safe while playing. Constant supervision for the dogs always noted.
Business response:
Thanks for recommending us and mentioning our staff’s supervision Stephanie!

5star on Yelp, Mar 21, 2017
T. Viv D.
Clean, well-appointed facility, with friendly staff. Boarded my puppy Caesar here for a week when I went out of town (in 2015), as my elderly husband has difficulty dealing with the pup’s energy level. I called to check on him, and the lady was nice enough to pull his file & actually go & LOOK to see how he was doing. When I picked up the puppy & got him home, I could see a marked improvement in his behavior. And boy, was he tired! I’ve since taken him for daycare a few times & love the way the staff is ready for him the minute we walk in. One tip: If you need to board your dog, make reservations WAY in advance so you’re sure to get a spot. They’re very popular, especially around holidays & during the Reno events season (July-Sept).
Business response:
Thank you for mentioning our clean facility and friendly staff – we all work very hard at giving accurate feedback to our pet parents on their dog’s eating and behavior while in boarding or daycare.  We know how it feels to leave your baby, and giving little updates throughout the stay can make parents feel at ease!

5star on Yelp, Mar 13, 2017
Craig F.
I am due for another review. as always great staff. everyone really cares about the dogs. sage has been going there 5 days a week for 4 years. I am afraid I created a super dog. her muscles feel like a body builder’s ones. they have lots of activities during the week like group sits and bubble chasing. I always include the private ball chasing since that is her favorite hobby. I can’t think of anywhere else I would ever bring her too. most of the other dogs are hyped up when they get there in the am. since this is sages second home; she just cruises in with a hey how is it going attitude. just as relaxed as if she was home.
Business response:
Thanks Craig for the nice review! We love Miss Sage and are so glad you bring her to play with us! She is a great dog and we always have nice conversations with you when you come in each morning and evening 🙂

5staron Google, Feb 13, 2017
Robert Lopez
Thanks for taking care of Houdini great place to board your dog
Business response:
Thank you Robert, we enjoyed having Houdini with us…. have a great day!

5staron Google, Feb 13, 2017
Kathryn Hill
They love our pups and take good care of them. And we love the craft projects!
Business response:
Thanks for recommending us Kathryn! See you all again soon!

5staron Google, Feb 13, 2017
Mark Tieslau

Business response:
Thanks for the great 5 star rating Mark!

5star Feb 12, 2017
So Awesome Bright and Cheery . Clean . Odor free 5 star hotel for pets!!!
Business response:
Thank you Karen! All our staff works hard each day to make our environment odor-free, so thank you for mentioning that!

5star Feb 12, 2017
Lisa and Rich C. 
You are in the top 3 things that we love about Reno. You are incredible, and Dewey loves you.
Business response:
Oh, thank you both so much! We love having both of you and Dewey come to visit us!

5star on Yelp, Feb 11, 2017
Cheryl R.
Pet Play House is perfect for your pet. My dog Bubby is happy to go through the door when we drop him off. When we pick him up he is still happy.  I love the report card he gets after boarding and daily reports.  I highly recommend Pet Play House to anyone looking for a safe, friendly, reasonably priced,  secure, professional place for your pet
Business response:
Cheryl, Thank you for giving us a 5 star rating and for recommending our services to others.  Take care and see you soon!

5star on Yelp, Feb 11, 2017
Taeko H.
I have a rescue dog who was not socialized and was fearful of people and other dogs. After working with her for a couple of months, I gave Pet Playhouse a try. She must have been introduced to the group gently because she got along with the pack. Yes, she’s happy to be ‘released’ at the end of the day, but she’s also always happy to go to Pet Playhouse. She recently spent a ‘slumber party’ weekend there. I am grateful that she was exposed to so many dogs under supervision. She is now so much more confident with dogs we meet while walking and hiking.

5star on Yelp, Feb 11, 2017
Frances G.
Pet Play House is tremendous!! They treat my pet with so much excitement and adoration, I just love the staff!  The enrichment activities are terrific too!!
Business response:
Dear Frances, thank you for your review and for choosing our facility. I’m happy that you and your dog enjoy our attention and enrichment activities, and we are looking forward to seeing you again!

5star on Yelp, Feb 11, 2017
Elayna W.
I absolutely love the Pet Playhouse! I bring my dog there a couple times a week and she loves it, too. She normally gets to my car in the morning before I do and gets excited because she know where she’s going. The staff is super friendly and it’s nice to know my dog is in good hands.  They’re great because they’re open 6:30am – 6:00pm so they’re flexible for when I have to drop her off anytime In the morning before I go to or get off of work. Each pick up they give you a sheet of paper to say how her day went and it’s nice to know what she did all day.  The best part is my dog is worn out at the end of the day. I have a husky and she is just full of energy. The Pet Playhouse wares her out so my fiancé and I can get a full night’s rest.
Business response:
Dear Elayna, I appreciate your positive feedback about our doggy daycare. We do take pride in catering to our guests’ needs the best way we can!

5star on Yelp, Feb 11, 2017
Paula A.
We absolutely LOVE Pet Playhouse!!  The staff is super friendly and our lab is so excited each time we take her.  We live in Truckee and go into Reno for the movies and errands and instead of leaving our fur baby home, she has a fun day out too. They have group activities and during the holidays they make cards for their parents.  It makes us so happy to know our dog is well taken care of and having a great time.
Business response:
Paula, thank you for taking the time to review your dog’s experiences with us. I am very pleased to hear that our staff makes her days fun!  Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

5star on Yelp, Feb 03, 2017
Laurie G.
I have used pet play house since they opened several years ago and I consider them family when it comes to taking care of my 4 legged family.
Business response:
We have loved having both of your dogs over the many years for daycare and boarding – all the way back to when we started out in the little house! Thanks so much for your feedback Laurie!

5star on Yelp, Feb 03, 2017
Gillian I.
My little dog stayed here for 12 days. He came home happy and healthy. Wonderful place to leave your dogs. This was Scruffys first time at Pet Playhouse but it won’t be his last.
Business response:
Thanks for your comments Gillian – I’m so glad we got to have Scruffy with us while you were away!  We look forward to seeing you and Scruffy again!

5staron Google, Feb 03, 2017
Kandyce Ray
Business response:

Thanks for the great rating Kandyce!

5staron Google, Feb 03, 2017
Trevor Dunn
Business response:

Thank you for the 5 stars Trevor!

5staron Google, Feb 03, 2017
Art3mis Contos
Our pups love it. It is more than just a furry play date…Pups get lots of staff interaction too.
Business response:
Thank you for your comments! All our doggies really enjoy their enrichment interaction with our staff – see you soon!

5staron Google, Feb 03, 2017
Robert Brazil
I wish my dog could write this but she can’t.. I think she was very happy there she seem to be happy when I picked her up …the staff was super cool and very friendly I’ll be back
Business response:
Thank you for your feedback Robert – We too wish doggies could write down what they are really thinking, our jobs here would get even more entertaining than they already are! Thanks again and we hope to see you again soon!

5star on Yelp, Feb 02, 2017
Julie H.
We highly recommend pet playhouse. We have been using them for doggy daycare and boarding when our Rottweiler needs a play date and/or boarding. She always comes home tired from playing there.
Business response:
Thank you for recommending us Julie!  I’m so glad to hear that you and your doggy enjoy our daycare and boarding programs here at Pet Play House!

5staron Google, Jan 28, 2017
Adriana Perry
I love taking my dog here. I never am worried about her during the day and know she is having a great time! Whenever I pick her up she instantly falls asleep in the car. One of the best thing about Pet Playhouse is they open at 6:30am. As a teacher I need to get to school by 7:15 and all the other daycares open at 7! I would highly reccomend to anyone looking for daycare for their dog.
Business response:
Thanks a lot for your feedback – I’m so glad we excercise your little girl well and provide a worry-free day when you can’t be with her! We look forward to seeing you both again soon!

5star Jan 28, 2017
Kurt J.
The pets are cared for very well
Business response:
Thanks so much Kurt!

5star Jan 25, 2017
Kate M.
Wonderful place for doggies. The staff is well trained and caring. My dogs love it. I highly recommend Pet Playhouse.
Business response:
Thank you for your great review Kate! All our staff members really appreciate it!

5staron Google, Jan 23, 2017
Gladiss Iniguez
My pup is always so excited when we get to Pet Play House! The facilities are clean, the staff is very friendly, and they take such good care of Wrigley. They also have great activities everyday such as playing with bubbles or follow the leader.
Business response:
Thanks for recommending us and mentioning our clean facility and friendly staff! We look forward to seeing you soon Gladiss!

5star Jan 23, 2017
Monica C. 
My fur babies are so excited when we walk in the door. The staff is friendly and my fur babies love interacting with everyone.
Business response:
Thank you for recommending us! Our entire staff enjoys caring for your doggies!

5staron Google, Jan 23, 2017
Caryn Thomason
My dog had a great time, ran off a lot of energy and were much calmer after they got home. Loved the daily report card!
Business response:
Thank you for taking the time to review your dogs’ daycare days with us! Glad to hear our staff made their days fun!

5staron GoogleJan 22, 2017
John Olson
Our dog is always excited to visit Pet Play House.
Business response:
Thanks for your positive comments John!

5staron Google, Jan 19, 2017
Sarah Tegeler
Business response:

Thank you Sarah for the awesome rating!

5starJan 19, 2017
Larry A.
They do a fantastic job providing doggy day care and boarding, I would not go anywhere else! Also, all of the staff go out of their way to be friendly and helpful.
Business response:
Thank you Larry!

4staron Google, Jan 16, 2017
Vicki Hamm
My Yuba is my family.💜 He comes home well adjusted and no issues. The personnel are dog people and care as if these boarders are their own. I recommend Pet Play House to everyone that have to leave their furry family members behind.🐶
Business response:
Thanks so much Vicki! We love having Yuba with us!

5star on Yelp, Jan 15, 2017
Sharon B.
Pet Playhouse is the best! They really care about your “fur baby”. We don’t worry at all when we have to leave our dog to board. The staff is great and very caring.
Business response:
Thank you for your review Sharon! We are so happy to provide a worry-free experience for you guys!

5star on Yelp, 1/13/2017
Rich P.
Bella my miniature schnauzer has stayed at Pet Playhouse three or four times since moving to the area three years ago.   This past stay was extended due to a Caribbean Cruise over New Year’s Eve.   Every stay, Bella comes home happy and not “Stressed Out”.  $$$ but worth every penny for my Doggie Daughter!!  Thanks Pet Playhouse.
Business response:
Hi Rich, thank you for your review and for choosing our doggy hotel! I’m happy that both you and Bella enjoyed her time with us!  Hope to see you again soon!

4star on GoogleJan 13, 2017
Tyler Lubsen
Business response:

Thank you Tyler for the great rating!

5star Jan 13, 2017
Cheri W. 
Our dog Misty loves it at Pet Play House. The facility is very clean and boarding suits are just like home. Truly worry free dog care. The staff are all very friendly and accommodating. Best of all they love dogs! The BEST dog care ever!
Business response:
Thanks so much for mentioning our clean facility and our friendly staff Cheri! We are happy to provide worry-free boarding for you and Misty!

5star on Google, Jan 10, 2017
Kimberly Burke
Our 1st visit and Daphne loved it! She was happy when we picked her up and exhausted from the fun day, she will definitely be back! Great facility!
Business Response:
Thank you Kimberly, we can’t wait to have Daphne come play again soon!

5staron GoogleJan 10, 2017
Holly Kelley
We have boarded our two dogs at Pet Playhouse since they opened. I can’t imagine not having them in our lives, our dogs are well cared for, and happily get out of the car and head for the door. If they can’t be home with us, there’s no place I’d rather they be, than at Pet Playhouse.
Business Response:
Thanks for the great review Holly, we love having your dogs stay with us.  I’m so glad we can help out when you need to board them!

5star on Yelp, Jan 09, 2017
We are big fans of Pet Play house. Our two dogs are even bigger fans! The staff is friendly and helpful. Our dogs like to go and come home tired.
Business Response:
Thank you for your great review. Come back and see us soon! Happy New Year!

5star on Yelp, Jan 09, 2017
Marc M. 
just fantastic, the ritz carlton of day care and boarding at motel 6 prices. the really do care about your doggie. staff is the best.
Business Response:
Thank you very much Marc for such a great review! We work really hard to offer the best possible environment and I’m happy to see that has reflected on your visits with us!

5star on GoogleJan 06, 2017
Nicole Shimabuku
Pet Play House has exceeded our expectations. Whenever we drop off or pick up Lili they know who we are. Additionally, she seems to be taken care of while she is there and is always exhausted when she gets home. We’ve had no issues.
Business Response:
Thank you Nicole! We love having Lili come play with us, see you soon!

5star on GoogleJan 06, 2017
Jessica Westmoreland
Everyone was very kind upon our arrival. My dog seemed very happy when I picked him up and this is the first time he has eaten all his food while being boarded, which is an indicator that he was happy at his temporary home. Furthermore, Pet Play House was very accommodating when the snow storm made us a day late picking up our dog. We will definitely use Pet Play House again for our next boarding session.
Business Response:
Thanks for the great review Jessica! We hope to see you soon!

5star Jan 06, 2017
The Staff is awesome. They know the dogs by name and Ava loves it. The arts and crafts on holidays are adorable too!
Business Response:
Thank you Alisha!

5star on GoogleJan 05, 2017
Janice Clausen
Business Response:
Thanks for the 5 star rating Janice!

5star on Yelp, Jan 04, 2017
Maki K. 
Love this doggy day care. Unlike other doggy day care, it didn’t smell bad and was very clean. They gave us the daycare report cards. When I read it, I was very impressed because that is exactly how they are usually. Which means they are paying attention.
Business Response:
Thanks Maki for mentioning our staff’s great job cleaning and attention to detail! We loved having your doggies with us!

5star Jan 04, 2017
Janice T.
Always friendly when o come in. They love my Eddie❤️
Business Response:
Thank you Janice, we really DO love Eddie!

5star on GoogleJan 03, 2017
Caitlin Robinson
Business Response:
Thank you for the 5 star rating Caitlin!

5star on GoogleJan 03, 2017
Ruiping Sun
nice place for our dog, stay there for 3 nights
Business Response:
So glad you and your dog enjoyed boarding with us!

5star on Yelp, Jan 03, 2017
Missy M. 
Thanks for making my dog happy
Business Response:
Thank you Missy, it is our pleasure 🙂

5star on Yelp, Jan 03, 2017
Ken J.
My best friend always comes home happy and tired. I love getting his report card when we pick him up. So nice to find loving people to care for him. You are the best. Thank you.
Business Response: 
Thank you so much for the great review! We work hard to provide the best service!

5star on Yelp, Jan 03, 2017
Heather B.
Pet Play House you are rock stars!!!! We love you so much! Thank you for making crafts with our dogs and for the daily report cards!!!! You make leaving our dogs a wonderful experience (and we hate ever leaving then)! Thank you to all of you!!!
Business Response: 
Thank you Heather! We have loved all your doggies over the years! We are glad we can make leaving your dogs a positive experience.

5star Dec 31, 2016
Terry H.
I tell everyone about you. The number of staff at your facility is far above other places I have visited. They are of great quality. The building gives the dogs variety and a clean new space. The idea of “slumberparty” shows your concern for dog comfort.
Business Response:
Thank you for mentioning our great staff and our staff-to-dog ratio! We think safety and comfort are very important, and having a lot of staff supervising is a big part of that!

5star on GoogleDec 31, 2016
Michelle Taylor
Our puppies love it here! We love the updates and report cards!
Business response:
Thanks Michelle, so glad we provide a service your puppies love!

5star on GoogleDec 31, 2016
Don Gruner

5star on GoogleDec 30, 2016
Jan Valenti
We use Pet Playhouse about 3 times per week and have been doing so since June. We have a labradoodle puppy named Sammy. We had only had Sammy a short time when I was diagnosed with cancer. Pet Playhouse gave us a wonderful outlet for our Sammy to play and work off all that puppy energy. We felt comfortable leaving him in their safe and clean environment. Thank you Pet Playhouse
Business response:
Thanks for the great review Jan! We work hard to provide the safe and clean environment you describe!

5star on Yelp, Dec 30, 2016
Michelle T.
Our puppies love going here and are tired for a couple days after coming home.
We love that we can call anytime for an update and we get a report card to take home.
Business response:
Thank you so much! We are so pleased you and your doggies enjoy their time with us!

5star on Yelp, Dec 27, 2016
Dodi S.
Our dog Hyde LOVES this place and so do we! Lisa and her staff are great care-givers and dog lovers so the dog knows he is loved during his daily and occasional overnight visits.
Business response:
Thank you Dodi! We have always enjoyed Hyde’s visits with us 🙂

5star Dec 25, 2016
Easy drop off and pick up and dog was very happy when returned
Business response:
Thanks so much Claire!

5star on Yelp, Dec 23, 2016
Amber D.
Best place on earth!! They are so great with our fur baby. We love the daily report cards. The doggie arts & crafts on the Holidays are awesome. Everyone remembers all the names of the dogs & greets us when we walk in.
Business response:
Thanks for your nice comments Amber!

5star on GoogleDec 17, 2016
Candice Bielser
I’m totally comfortable with my dogs at Pet Play House. They seem to enjoy being there and I know they’re well taken care of. The cost is well worth having peace of mind while they’re in boarding.
Business response:
Thanks so much Candice! Glad to provide a service that makes you feel at ease leaving your dogs!

5star on Yelp, Dec 12, 2016
Niki B.
This was the first time ever boarding my dog and this place is amazing. I chose it because it’s not a bunch of ‘metal cages’ they are actual rooms. The staff was so kind and let me view his room. I would highly recommend. After boarding here I had to use another place in Reno that had ‘luxury rooms’ for the dogs, but this is not the case. 100% Pet Playhouse is better. Especially for the price.
Business response:
Thank you Niki! We are happy to provide the luxury environment you and your dog expect!

5star on GoogleDec 09, 2016
Amy Pullen
My dog has been going to pet playhouse for 4 years for daycare and still loves it. She loves the staff and her report card often says she “follows staff around” or “cuddled with staff” – she hardly cuddles with me so I know she must like how they treat her. She’s a busy, energetic dog, and her family is just as busy, so having a trusted place to take her on our busiest days is such a reassurance. Even with staffing changes somewhat frequently, they always seem well trained and sweet to my pup. A fun bonus is the dog-made holiday art creations.
Business response:
Thank you Amy we love having your girl come play with us, she keeps us busy too! Thanks for mentioning our staff training, we actually have high training and certification standards for our team members in comparison most facilities in the doggy daycare industry, so we are glad it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

5star on Yelp, Dec 05, 2016
Craig F.
great place. wonderful staff. my dog has gone there 5 days a week for the last four years. it is her second home. why would anyone board their dogs anywhere else. I can sleep better knowing they have someone there all night with them when I am away. my dog gives them a five star rating. I am so glad I found them when my dog was a puppy
Business response:
Thanks Craig for the nice review! We love Miss Sage and are so glad you bring her to play with us! She is a great dog and we always have nice conversations with you when you come in each morning and evening 🙂

5star on GoogleDec 03, 2016
Claire Resnik 

5star Dec 03, 2016
Kari C.
I have been taking my golden retriever to Pet Playhouse for a year, since he was 6. Mos old. He loves it. The employees love him and I feel great about his care. Highly recommend!!
Business response:
Thank you Kari and Apollo!

5star on GoogleDec 03, 2016
Brook Bentley
I really can’t speak highly enough about Pet Play House. I have a border collie mix that has been going there once or twice a week for about 9 months and he’s done an overnight too and I have never once had anything negative to say. They work with my dog while he’s there– I swear his obedience commands are better because of them. He’s tired from playing all day. They give you report cards of your dogs activities from the day. They help communicate with you whenever needed. I’ve referred several friends who now take their dogs and seriously always find myself telling people about Pet Play House. I also tell people in confidence because when people know of Pet Play House they feel or have heard the same. All of this awesome experience for my dog for $20?! I could keep going but seriously if you’re considering anywhere for your dog this is the place no questions asked.
Business response:
Thank you for recommending us, we are glad to tire Biggie out, he’s a great playmate 🙂 And he is quite good at his obedience commands!

5star Dec 03, 2016
Amanda T.
You take great care of my dog. Never have any issues and he is always tired after he leaves there. Love the gifts you have him make us as well.
Business response:
Thank you Amanda and Ace! Ace is a great artist for craft time 🙂

5star on Yelp, Dec 03, 2016
Dianne T.
Our puppy goes there 5 days a week and loves it. The people there are friendly and love the dogs. Every dog is so excited going in and exhausted coming home. They do activities like bubbles and pool time, plus they do arts and crafts. It’s an amazing place!!!!
Business response:
Thanks for the review Dianne!

5star on GoogleDec 03, 2016
Micaul Bosch

5star on GoogleDec 02, 2016
Laura Funk
I’ve used Pet Play House for both daycare and overnight boarding. She isn’t much of a socializer but she runs around with the pack. She’s always excited to go inside and exhausted at the end of her stay. The staff is unbelievably friendly and accommodating.
Business response:
Thanks for mentioning our friendly Pet Play House staff members Laura! See you soon!

5star on Yelp, Dec 02, 2016
Cathy Jo B.
My Mickey loves the social time and staff. He is always exhausted when he gets home!
Business response:
We love having Mickey with us in “Little Dog Land” – Thank you so much for your review!

5star on Yelp, Dec 02, 2016
Marnee H.
Pet Play House is wonderful. My dog looks so forward to going.
It is great.
Business response:
Thank you Marnee! We love having Jax come and we love when he gives us a nice big “smile” when he gets excited 🙂

5starDec 02, 2016
Tamara E.
I was one of The Pet Playhouse’s original clients in the old house next door to the current facility. Jack was 13 1/2 when he passed away and for 13 of those years I trusted him to the care of Lisa, Addie, Bill and all the great employees. Now Rico has been going there since we adopted him. That was 3 1/2 years ago. I would never go anywhere else. I trust these people with my fur baby three days a week and also when we go out of town. Thank goodness for The Pet Playhouse!
Business response:
Thanks for the review Tamara! We love having Rico come to play with us, but we do miss our Jack too! We have fond memories of him in our purple fluffy chair…. such a fitting chair for such a macho doggy!

5star on Yelp, Dec 01, 2016
Rich B.
We have been taking our Dog, Kona, to Pet Play House for day care (and boarding) for a little over two years now. We have a shepherd mix (i.e., an active breed) that requires a lot of stimulation and exercise to be kept sane. Pet Play House has been an an excellent choice. There has never been a single time that I can think of that I haven’t left the place feeling happy that our fur-friend was so well cared for. Kona is also a ‘stranger anxious’ dog that often takes quite a while to warm up to new people. He has never had an issue with any of the staff and they frequently report what a love bug he is. When I heard that and think of how he reacts to strangers around the house it only emphasizes even more that the folks at Pet Play House are carefully hired for their skills in working compassionately with your dog. I can’t recommend highly enough!
Business response:
Thank you Rich! We love having Kona come play, and he really is quite the love bug with us!

5star on GoogleDec 01, 2016
Sharon Stenstadvold
Pet Play House employees are pet lovers! My four-year-old golden retriever loves playing here. She started attending at age six months. A bonus, beyond the pet friendly activities to keep the pets busy and interacting, is the reinforcement of basic training commands. If your pup loves active play time, I can heartily recommend Pet Play House.
Business Response:
Thank you Sharon! We love having Savannah come to play with us! You both are great, thanks again!

5star on Google, Oct 28, 2016
Donna Stephens
Our elderly dog was at the Pet Playhouse for 48 hours when the staff noticed him bleeding from his mouth. They wasted no time in contacting our vet and driving him over for an emergency visit. They found out it was an infection in his mouth. They paid our bill and got medicine. They called us in Seattle twice to inform us of everything. We are so impressed with their quick actions. This was our 5th or 6th stay while we travel. We have never worried about our dog while in their care. Schedule your animals stay way in advance as they book up very quickly. Thank you so much Pet Playhouse for showing such compassion for our boy Ty.

5star on Yelp, Aug 23, 2016
Taylor S.
This place is simply amazing. I have an 80 pound 9 month old bloodhound who is high energy and loves to play. We use to go to dog parks often but kept running into too many aggressive dogs, so I needed a new option. It’s wonderful to take him here and know he’s in good hands and having a great time with other friendly dogs! The staff is super nice and helpful. My pup comes home happy and tired! I highly recommend!
Business response:
Thank you Taylor! We love having Boone come play with us, he’s a great match for a lot of our other puppies here!

5star on GoogleMay 29, 2016
Kristin Hemauer
We have been taking our dogs here for years! The owners are really nice and we always see them when we bring our dogs in. They also keep their staff for a long time, I’ve seen the same faces for years now, and some way back from when we brought our older dog that has since died. Its nice to have a personal connection with the people who are caring for your pets. They are always so nice and reassuring to us. Our dogs also appreciate seeing the same people regularly – I see them through the windows run up to the staff with tails wagging to say hi!
On a handful of occasions we have actually had to board at several other places when PPH was full and we absolutely HAD to leave town. I can say with certainty that our dogs do better physically and mentally when they stay at PPH. They eat better, they smell better, and they rest better once we are home. I can tell they are happy at PPH. Also when we come to pick them up they give us a rundown of how our dogs did, and who they made friends with. We have not gotten nearly the same level of customer service elsewhere.
It is common knowledge among all our family and friends who have dogs that PPH is still the best in town!

5star on Yelp, May 28, 2016
Carol S.
My dogs love staying here. When they see I have driven them to the vet or another boarding place, they put on the brakes and become un-cooperative, but they seem eager to arrive at Pet Play House. They come home happy and clean. I trust the staff.
Business response:
Thanks for the great review Carol! We are so glad we make your doggies happy and comfortable (and keep them clean!) when they are away from home 🙂

4star on GoogleMay 27, 2016
Randi Davis

5star on GoogleMar 19, 2016
Monique Lasting
We love this place for daycare and boarding and wouldn’t ever use another facility. We have rescheduled our trips if pph is booked because we won’t go elsewhere. The staff is very nice to both us and our dog. And I love how they let you see the inside of the facility where your dog will be doing daycare or boarding. The tour times are restricted to certain hours where the dogs are not in the boarding areas so you don’t have to worry about your dog being stressed out by strangers looking at them on a tour if you go on vacation. We have used pph numerous times and our dog has been happy, healthy, and smelling good after each time. They really love her!
Business response:
Thanks for sharing your experiences Monique! Although some might find our tour times restrictive, once they understand those limitations really benefit the dogs and the care we provide, they are grateful for our policies! So thanks for pointing out some of the benefits to us only giving tours between 10am-2pm each day! See you soon!

5star on GoogleFeb 24, 2016
Brad Johnson
By far the best doggie day care place in town. They house all sizes, have an amazing staff and clearly care about the animals in their care. I won’t go anywhere else.

5star on Yelp, Feb 19, 2016
Kimberly O.
I was a little nervous at first, but when I pick up my dog and she was happy and relaxed, I was so happy. I was able to take her home and everything was back to normal. Before I had taken my dog to a friends and it was always a pain because I had to bring everything for her. When I would pick her up she was overly excited I was there and just didn’t seem like a happy dog. Plus once I got her home I felt like I had to retrain her on a few things. There was none of that when I took her to pet play house. She was happy when I picked her up and just went home with no problems. I will be boarding her here from now on!
Business response:
Thanks for sharing your experience Kimberly! We are so glad we provide a better alternative to having a friend watch your doggy! Hope to see you again soon 🙂

5star on Yelp, Feb 12, 2016
Kristy C.
When it comes to my best bud, I’m not likely to cut any corners. My goal is that she’s happy, healthy, and stops tracking poop in the house.
I found Pet Play House while looking for new daycare options closer to Renown, and I’m really glad that I did. She’s only been there for daycare, so I’ll have to update once she’s stayed the night there (currently the in-laws serve as our local pet boarding facility).
Katie’s a 70-pound Greyhound who loves p
eople and thinks other dogs are just “meh.” She’s not going to really go out of her way to play with them, and if they jump on her she’s likely to growl. She prefers to wander by herself, sniff, and find where the humans are hiding.
We have to drag her out of daycare here. She runs from the car to the door, and at the end of the day it’s like we are separating her from her best friend. They take really good care of her, and it’s a really nice environment where she has access to the outside at all times as well as having a nice warm place to snuggle.
Everyone has always been really nice and easy to work with, so it’s good for the humans as well.
My only suggestion is that they have a stack of dog wipes on the counter so you can wipe your pup down at the end of the day. After a week of day care, Katie stank! She doesn’t usually smell much, so I have to assume it’s constantly being surrounded by other pets. Not a negative, just a suggestion.
Update coming soon when we’ve experienced the daycare part of Pet Play House.

5star on Yelp, Sep 25, 2015
Kristen H.
We have been taking our mutts here for years! The owners are really nice and we always see them when we bring our dogs in. They also keep their staff for a long time, I’ve seen the same faces for years now, and some way back from when we brought our older dog that has since died. Its nice to have a personal connection with the people who are caring for your pets. They are always so nice and reassuring to us. Our dogs also appreciate seeing the same people regularly – I see them through the windows run up to the staff with tails wagging to say hi!
On a handful of occasions we have actually had to board at several other places when PPH was full and we absolutely HAD to leave town. I can say with certainty that our dogs do better physically and mentally when they stay at PPH. They eat better, they smell better, and they rest better once we are home. I can tell they are happy at PPH. Also when we come to pick them up they give us a rundown of how our dogs did, and who they made friends with. We have not gotten nearly the same level of customer service elsewhere.
It is common knowledge among all our family and friends who have dogs that PPH is still the best in town!
Business response:
Thanks for the kind words Kristen! We do have life-long staff members that enjoy coming in each day and spending time with their doggy friends 🙂 Many dogs have their “favorite humans” here that they love to see when they come in! We are glad you have always had such good experiences, as that’s what we strive for here!

5star on GoogleSep 09, 2015
Becca Amos
Excellent daycare for my puppy! I am very nervous about other dogs being aggressive toward my dog and cannot handle the dog park or even bringing my dog around my friends’ dogs because I am just way too worried. I decided I better leave it to the professionals and let them socialize my dog while I’m not looking. I toured all the daycares in town and I was so glad here they let me actually see where my dog is going to be playing. I was relieved to see that the pictures on the website are actually of their facility and their dogs as well. In person I see they are all nice dogs that play so good and are all being supervised by actual people in with them. There is no barking, no fighting, no stench, and it is air conditioned. I have been bringing my dog twice a week and I don’t worry at all and feel that she is totally safe there around the dogs. They are very selective on the dogs they take in (I know because I learned my neighbors dogs didn’t make the cut!) And I think that is really good, because I don’t want my dog playing with dogs that are deemed inappropriate for a play group. And you never know what you might run into at the dog park.
Business response:
Thanks for writing about your experience Becca! We are glad our staff gave you a tour of our daycare and boarding areas. We do tours each day from 10am-2pm, where all areas of our daycare and boarding can be seen! And we love to put pics up on our site and Facebook of our doggie clients and our facility 🙂

5star on Yelp,  Jul 02, 2015
Charles L.
Very friendly staff, clean facility and quick and easy drop off and pick up. Love this place!

5star on Yelp, Jun 29, 2015
Monique L.
In reading some other posts it seems people get angry when their dog is “kicked out” for aggression – and then they turn around and take that same dog to another daycare that willingly accepts them!! Then you read the reviews for those places and see all the comments about fights and injuries. Well I for one am very glad they weed out the mean dogs so that the nice friendly dogs all have a place to socialize together! My dog has never been injured and always comes home clean and happy. The daycare is very large and there’s a lot of outdoor space to play and run. And they have staff watching each play group which is probably why all the dogs get along so well.
The staff that works the front office have always been great and know our dog as soon as we come in and they talk to her. She is very excited to see them. They are very nice to the humans and dogs!
The boarding is the best and we plan our trips around the availability for our dog because we won’t take her anywhere else now. If there’s no room for our dog we reschedule our trip. They only allow tours mid day so that there are no strange people in the boarding areas while the dogs are back there sleeping or eating. This is great for our dog who is very nervous of strange people. They also ask you to portion out meals in baggies so that you know you brought enough and there will be no running out of food while you’re away. We call and check on our dog and they keep records of all that goes on to give us updates. We have had nothing but great experiences and we recommend them to everyone who has a dog.
Business response:
Thanks for the kind words Monique! We do have to make decisions to benefit ALL the dogs in our care, and sometimes that means removing dogs from certain activities or the facility entirely. And yes, that can be upsetting for some pet parents. But we are happy to provide a safe and fun place for your dog and others!

5star on Yelp, Apr 12, 2015
Sarah H.
PPL has always been a great place. Whenever my family goes on vacation we board or dog Candy and she always seems to love it. The gals behind the desk where very kind as always and it’s always fun to see other dogs playing together through the window. 🙂

5star on Yelp, Feb 04, 2015
Amber M.
I have never boarded my two dogs (ages 7 and 9) so needless to say I was nervous! I went to see Pet Play House before booking and the facility is huge! The staff were very nice and showed me around. They have a large lobby with lots of treats and toys you can purchase. You can see one of the big play areas from the lobby. On the day I went there were so many dogs! I was surprised at how many dogs could fit in the play area! Then they took me to the small dog area which was also packed. Both areas had a staff member present in the play areas keeping watch over the dogs to make sure they were playing nicely and also to keep everything cleaned up. Then they took me upstairs to see the dog condos and suites which were very clean and private. I ended up choosing a suite for my two dogs. The registration process was pretty easy. I brought my vaccination records in and booked their stay at Pet Play House that day.
When the day came to drop the dogs off I brought them in pretty early (6:30am) and they immediately took my dogs into the small dog play area to see how they would do. One of my dogs doesn’t always play nicely with other dogs so I wasn’t sure how she would do in the group play areas. She seemed fine and I could see her through the window before I left. I liked that I was able to bring their crate and their toys to put in their room. I thought they’d be more comfortable sleeping on their own bed. While they were at Pet Play House I called a couple of times to check and see how they were doing and the staff were nice enough to give me a full report on their interaction with staff and the other dogs.
When I came to pick them up they seemed pretty tired out! Also, I think they washed their toys and maybe put some doggie deodorant on the dogs because their toys were cleaner than when I brought them to Pet Play House and the dogs actually smelled good when I picked them up. I will be bringing them back to Pet Play House during our next trip. My only recommendation is that some other boarding facilities we looked into have cameras in their dog suites/condos and play areas so that you can see what your dog is up to. It would be cool to be able to see how the dogs are doing through viewing the webcam directly on Pet Play House’ site.

Business response:
Thanks for your positive comments Amber! We are glad we could make your first boarding experience a great one! Our staff really appreciates that their hard work each day gets noticed 🙂

5star on GoogleNov 04, 2014
Ana Simental
My dog just stayed at Pet Playhouse for 4 nights. It is hard to describe but I can tell by his attitude that he had a better stay than he has had at other boarding facilities. I love that he has so much out of the room time! I think that is important. He is the first dog I have owned that watches TV and I am glad he had one in his room. Pet Playhouse will definitely be my first choice in boarding facilities.

4star on Yelp, Aug 06, 2014
Vanessa M.
Been doing some research as to where to leave our fur-baby while we are on vacation. Lisa was great! I stopped by unexpected to ask questions. She offered me a tour of their facility right then and there and off we were. It was in the middle of play time, so it was great way to see how they dogs and staff interact on a normal basis. It was shown the condos and little studio options. It was clean and neat and very calm and quiet (all considered). She answered all of my questions, put my mind at ease and encouraged me to stop by again if I had any more questions. Even suggested a short play date for my dog to see how she would react in the environment before we even need to leave. It is so reassuring to know we have such a wonderful service available to those of us who need to leave our dogs at home while we are away. I look forward to my doggies stay.

5star on GoogleJul 16, 2014
Gmail Customer
My 2 dogs have spent many playdays and overnight stays at Pet Playhouse, and they LOVE it! The staff know me and my dogs so well and always seem to be happy to see us. Both of my dogs are rescues and had been victims of abuse before we adopted them. My Border Collie is very timid, but she is always happy and excited wen we arrive, and can’t wait to get in the door; and my Bloodhound/Rottweiller is generally afraid of men, but loves the guys at Pet Palace. One word of advice to prospective customers – better call WELL in advance to get your dogs a spot at Pet Playhouse – it’s a very popular place and fills up quickly!

4star on Yelp, Jul 07, 2014
Christine S.
My review is based on the Pet Slumber Party. Pet Slumber Party is when they all sleep in one big room.My lab is a very easy going dog and gets well with all dogs so that is why I have used them many, many times.
The gals at the front has always been very friendly and greet us by name. They have been easy to book, change and even cancel appointment days. I also like their online calendar so I can see if they are booked or not before I call them.
he longest he has stayed there has been 10 days. He goes in very happy, pulling my arm to get inside (always a good sign) and comes back to me very happy and a bit tired. I always opt. for a bath for him before I pick him up.
I recommend this place only if you have a very easy going dog. I also have an older pit bull that doesn’t go here. First off, because he is a pit, they wouldn’t allow him at the slumber party, he would have to be in a room by himself and that doesn’t work for us. But again, for your easy going dogs, you will like them.

5star on GoogleJul 02, 2014
Mimi Mcclellan
The only place I feel safe to leave my babies when I’m on my business trips! My boyfriend is the worst sitter so I’m really glad I found out about this place!

5star on GoogleMay 26, 2014
Lana Caddel
Business response:
Thank you Lana for the 5 star rating!

5star on FacebookApr 09, 2014
Desiree Estorga LeBleu
Love this place, my dog Ozzy has been going for 4 years and previously to that my dog Rudy went for 7 years. Both dogs went for the day as well as boarding and I have always felt very
Comfortable leaving them with Pet Playhouse.

5star on Yelp, Mar 02, 2014
Judi C.
Pet Play House is the best place for your dog to stay and play (other than you own house). My Ginger loves her visits there and is so energized and happy when I pick her up… When you visit Reno please don’t hesitate to bring your dog for a visit to the Play House.. Your pooch will love it.
Business response:
Thanks for the great review Judi! And we look forward to having Ginger come in for another stay with us today 🙂 We always look forward to you all coming to visit us in Reno!

5star on FacebookFeb 14, 2014
Emily Sa-galyn Brown 

5star on Yelp, Feb 11, 2014
Donita M.
This place is amazingly awesome. My dog gets excited to go & runs right up to the door. When I pick her up they give me a full report on how she did, when I call to check on her while she is there they are kind & let me know how she is doing… My dog seems to have a good time as she is anxious to go there & when she comes home she is happy then goes to sleep exhausted. They always have staff in the dayrooms to monitor their activity & keeps dogs happy & safe. The place is always clean & bright…. I can’t say enough good things about this place.. Oh, the staff is awesome.

5star on FacebookDec 02, 2013
Brandi Pate

5star on FacebookNov 28, 2013
Mandy N Ari Rak

5star on FacebookNov 27, 2013
Robin Ruybason
Love this place. I dropped in unannounced one day to check it out and they brought right in back. I saw all the boarding and day care areas. I was impressed how open they were in letting me see everything. I now use the daycare services (no overnights yet) but my dog is my baby. I feel good having her there.

5star on FacebookNov 27, 2013
Trista Richardson

5star on Yelp, Nov 04, 2013
Sparkle T.
This is the ONLY place we will board our doggies.
It is like a hotel for canines. No cages here — just suites and condos and happy dogs. Each room has a colorful theme, TV (we bring DVDs along), and music.
Best of all, there is someone on staff 24-hours — our dogs are older, so this gives us peace of mind. The folks who work there are always friendly to us — they even greet our doggies by name when we arrive!
We are very fortunate to have a
boarding facility of this caliber in our mid-size town… one usually finds such in larger urban areas.
We give it 5 stars… and our doggies give it 5 hearty woofs!

on Foursquare, Aug 30, 2013
T Vivian Davis    
The place is very clean, they are kind to the dogs, and are easy to work with. If you need to board your dog over a weekend, schedule it WAY in advance!

5star on Yelp, Aug 10, 2013
Rose G.
This is my dogs’ favorite home away from home. I have been taking my dogs here for almost a year and a half now and they love it! You know that dogs don’t lie to you, if they didn’t like it they would resist walking back in, as they have with other places. With pet play house, they wag their tails and get all excited when we get off the freeway and they are practically running through the door to get inside. So the dogs love it!
I love it because
it keeps my dogs active when I am away from the home and they are pooped by the time I pick them up. They open early so you can drop them off before work and I just wish they were open later. Our dogs aren’t the best people dogs and they love everyone in there. I love that they can get groomed while at day care and they have fun add ons like walks car rides, personal yard time, and ball throwing.
Speaking of ball throwing, I know that the owner is an honest good person. Our dog loves to play ball at home so I decided to “add on” personal ball throwing time. It’s not expensive but if she liked it I would pay for it regularly. Anyway for whatever reason she wasn’t that into it, and the staff let me know which I felt was a very honest thing to do so I don’t waste my money.
I love this place for day care and boarding. They have the best set up, the best yards, and the best staff! Thank you pet play house!

5star on FacebookAug 03, 2013
Huang Wen

4star on Yelp, Aug 02, 2013
Samantha S.
Pet playhouse has saved us! With a newly adopted 3 year old lab we needed a place to take her to get some of that wonderful lab energy out! We had been told that our dog was “reactive” and she shouldn’t be around other dogs. We didn’t think that was the case at all, so we called up pet playhouse to set up an evaluation. SHE PASSED! We now take her there 2-3 times per week (sometimes more) and she comes home absolutely EXHAUSTED. Not only is this wonderful for us after a long day of work and school, but she seems to be a much happier and more social puppy! She is thrilled to leave the house in the morning because she knows exactly where she’s going. We love the adorable father’s day gift we received as well. We have yet to board her here, but plan on doing so whenever we get the chance to go on vacation!

4star on FacebookAug 01, 2013
Clifford Norton

5star on FacebookJul 24, 2013
Kathy Krawczyk

5star on FacebookJul 21, 2013
Sheri Herdt

5star on FacebookJul 20, 2013
Leigh Ann Butler Little

5star on FacebookJul 20, 2013
Darah Urrutia

5star on FacebookJul 19, 2013
Nana BoBanqa

5star on FacebookJul 14, 2013
Ron Huber

5star on FacebookJul 14, 2013
Mary Price

4star on Facebook, Jul 12, 2013
Lori Ainsworth

5star on FacebookJul 11, 2013
Trudy Anne Bradway

5star on Yelp, Mar 06, 2013
Emily W.
I’ve started bringing my dog here recently and highly recommend this place. Picking her up and dropping her off only takes minutes, they always know who my dog is, and my dog loves it!

5star on Yelp, Feb 12, 2013
Spanky D.
Sketchy 4th Street location notwithstanding this is a great place for your four legged loved ones. Friendly staff, competitive pricing, ample play areas, and a pet gift shop with prices rivaling any big box store in town. Worth a look if you need daycare or overnight pet sitting. Highly recommended.

5star on Yellow Pages, Jul 23, 2012
We trust them with our dogs for overnight boarding of any length of time. We have done just one night, and for several weeks as well. Our dogs play with the other dogs during their stay, and everything has been great with that. They always feed our dogs the correct amount and they have never gotten sick or hurt. The price is great especially with the discount we get for having our two dogs stay together. We have been using them for about 4 years now, so we absolutely trust them. The care is good and consistent and the staff is always nice to us and our dogs.

5star on Yelp, Jun 29, 2012
Mary M.
This was the first place I had ever left my dogs for an extended period of time and from now on, I will only leave them here. This place is wonderful and I’m really bummed that they were full when I had to go up to Reno a second time and had to go elsewhere. I was given a tour of the facility, the employees were cordial and professional and my dogs came back to me healthy, happy and clean. Trust this place with your dogs!!!

5star on Yelp, May 24, 2012
Patti G.
We took our Standard Poodle, Max, to spend the day in doggie-day-care before boarding him in July. I was like a Mom sending her child to his first day of school. I called about 2 hours after dropping him off to see how he was. I love the way they introduce new dogs to day-care instead of just throwing them in the group with no introduction. They told me he did fine in the introduction and was busy following all the other dogs around the indoor and outdoor areas. We picked him up after about 7 hours and he was happy, tired, and seemed so happy to have had a day of play. I feel so good about leaving him in boarding and I love the different types of boarding they provide. The slumber party sounds so cool, but my dog won’t eat when he is away from home so a suite will fit him better. When you board you can take advantage of the day-care that is included in the boarding price. I think he will be a weekly or bi-weekly visitor from now on. Thanks Pet Play House for providing a wonderful, safe, and happy environment for our furry kiddos.

5star on Yelp, Mar 27, 2012
Cadie E.
Just picked my puppy Enzo up from his first day of daycare and I couldn’t be happier! He seemed very happy, relaxed and best of all totally pooped out! I will definitely be taking him back on a regular basis.

5star on Citysearch, Jan 13, 2012
Elizabeth M.
Wouldn’t Take My “Kids” Anywhere Else! – My three dogs just LOVE Pet Play House. The staff is kind and loving, the facility is always clean and neat. Everyone treats my pets like their own.

5star on Google,  Dec 02, 2011
A Google User

5star on Google, Oct 01, 2011
A Google User
When we go out of town we take Charlie Bean to board there. Its clean ‘ it looks nice, the dogs look happy! Charlie always wags his tail and is super excited at drop off when we pick him up he is tired because he gets to play with his buddies. Around June with had an emergency and had to drive to California and this placed was booked (I was told because its summer etc) so I took him to another location the other place was okay but it does not measure up to Pet Play House! For Valentines we boarded him there and we got a homemade card made with my dogs nose print almost made me cry 🙂 . we are boarding Charlie Bean there at the end of Oct he can’t wait.

5star on Yelp, Jul 22, 2011
Monica L.
This is the only place we trust with our dog. The staff is very helpful and trustworthy. They have doggy daycare as well as boarding.

5star on GoogleJun 28, 2011
Deserea Bonne Vivante

5star on Yelp, May 16, 2011
B. K.
Probably my favorite locally owned and operated business. The staff and owners are extremely friendly and very helpful. We have been taking our older dog Kermit here for over a year, for both boarding and pet play. We have also started to take our newest addition Otis for pet play. We feel that our dogs are safe and monitored when we leave them at PPH (PPH – Pet Play House, I have trained myself to not say the full name unless I want crazed puppies).
We have never had any issues and the dogs love going and come back tired. They monitor the dogs to make sure everyone is playing friendly and will take measures to avoid injury.
I am glad that they require dogs to play before they can be boarded, and work to ensure that only friendly dogs are playing.
We had boarded our dog at another facility in town before we learned of PPH, and we will not longer take our dogs elsewhere.

4star on Yelp, May 09, 2011
Anne D.
Pet Play House really helped me out when I was in a jam. I had locked myself and my dog out of my house when I needed to go to work. I couldn’t wait for a back up plan so my puppy and I rushed off to Pet Play House. When I walked in one of the girls working greeted me with a big smile and when I explained my situation they took my dog’s vet records over the phone (the vet was in surgery and couldn’t get official records out for an hour) as well as let me register him online hours later when I was able to access a computer. When I called them midday the woman who answered told me my dog was having a blast and that he made a friends with another dog. It was nice to know he was well cared for and having a good day. I know he did because he went straight to sleep as soon as he was picked up.
I owe a HUGE thanks to Pet Play House for caring about me and my dog the first time we ever walked in the door. My pooch will definitely be making at least a monthly visit from now on.

5staron Yelp, Mar 08, 2011
Ken M.
I have left my dog here on several occasions, and they provide a level of service that is unparalleled. After one stay, they knew me and my dogs name, and they are almost family at this point. Give them a shot, they won’t disappoint!

5staron Yelp, Feb 01, 2011
Vandy F.
My dogs, Carson and Riley, LOVE Pet Playhouse!! The best testimonial I can offer comes straight from my dog’s mouth… Carson, my lab, starts whinning when he realizes we are heading to Pet Playhouse and he doesn’t let up until he’s inside the facility. If I let Carson off leash when we arrive, he b-lines it straight to the front door where he scratches and whines until someone lets him in! Need I say more?

5staron Yelp, Dec 14, 2010
Jasmine A.
My puppy Nanook loves Pet Playhouse, in fact he pees in excitement upon entering almost every time . Its funny because I’ve never seen him pee elsewhere. He is so tired of all the play that he sleeps all the way home ( 4hrs). Very nice and importantly clean facility and friendly staff. Highly recommended.

5staron Yelp, Oct 26, 2010
Stacy H.
We’ve been taking our pup here since June 2010. The staff has always been very friendly to me and my dog. They seem to do a good job of screening clients and a very good job of supervising the dogs during the day and night. We’ve never had any problems whatsoever. I feel that the pricing is very reasonable, and the facility is fantastic. We even boarded our precious for a few nights (a first for us), and I now would feel very comfortable with doing it again (which I didn’t think would every be the case). I like their options for boarding, too (group slumber party vs. private “suites”) and, again, find the pricing to be very reasonable. They have staff on-site 24/7, which is very reassuring.

5staron Yelp, Oct 03, 2010
Cynthia H.
We’ve been taking our Aussie here for a year. It’s been the best thing we’ve done for her. The staff is so caring about all the Babies they’ve been entrusted with. The price is very reasonable and I Thank them for that. You’ll notice how happy everyone is when they come to pick up their babies because they know they had a GREAT DAY playing with all their friends. I know some people need to get going to work or home and they are quick to get them in or bring them out to go home.
How many people can say their dogs do crafts? Well they get to at Pet Play House. How sweet is that?
I know it’s good because when we drop her off she doesn’t even look back.
Thanks again Pet Play House.
Holly Rose’s Mom

5staron Yellow Pages,  Aug 26, 2010
I’ve used Pet Play House many times when we go on vacations and couldn’t feel more safer leaving our dog. I’ve booked her in both the slumber party and condos. I’ve seen other boarding places in Reno and they put them in a warehouse w/ no windows. Also at pet playhouse, they have an employee there 24hrs a day. At other places, they leave at 11pm and don’t come back until 6am. To me, when you are boarding 25-30 or more dogs their shoud be someone available at all times. I also love that they offer grooming services. That way when we go on vacation for a week our dog is groomed the morning we pick her up and she’s clean and smells great. We are very happy and plan on using Pet Play House every time we need to board our dog Zoe.

5staron Yelp, Jul 29, 2010
Jennifer L.
My German Shorthair Pointer, Ripley, went to day care here for over six years. From 4 months old until 4 days before she passed away. I also boarded her there on many occasions and had here groomed there. She absolutely loved it there! She was well socialized and well taken care of. Best of all was the “arts & crafts”. I loved all the things Ripley would bring home from school. It really meant a lot, especially now. I used the many paw prints and nose prints for my two perfect and accurate tattoos that help me remember my baby everyday. If I was ever to get another dog…she would come here for day care.

5star on GoogleMay 14, 2010
Trixie is a lab-shepherd mix that I adopted from the Humane Society about 5 months ago and she is a love. When I pick Trixie up she is happy and extremely tired, which is a good thing for a high energy puppy. She really enjoys all of the doggies in doggy day care. The place is clean and she gets extremely excited when she arrives, which to me as the owner is a very good sign. I really prefer this place, it is fantastic. Marne

5staron Yelp, Apr 14, 2010
Ryan M.
I’ve been bringing my dachshund here for Day Care for the last few weeks. The staff is very friendly (if seemingly a bit overworked!) and quickly knew my dog by name. They have a small dog area and a huge big dog area. All the pups seem very content, as do their owners. When I bring my dog home, he never smells and is never dirty (something I worried about based upon my experiences at other places). All-in-all, a great place!
I haven’t done board
ing, but have taken the tour. They offer three precious options: suites, rooms or “slumber party.” I’ll update after I do boarding, but I’m sure he’ll love that too

5staron Yelp, Apr 13, 2010
Jana M.
I really like Pet Play house. It is very clean and large. The dogs are allowed to run around inside and out. I have taken my dog there for both daycare and overnight stays. You have several options as to where your dog stays ( alone in a suite or a slumber party!) and if you have a small dog they can be separated. The dogs are supervised at all times. It’s a great place to take your dog and feel safe. All the dogs there have to have proof of shots and that they have been fixed if they are over 6 months. I am always happy with our experience.

5star on GoogleDec 14, 2009
A Google User
The accommodations for our dog at Pet Playhouse was better than many of the 4 star hotels we have stayed at. Excellent staff. Excellent accommodations. A pleasure

5star on Citysearch,  Aug 05, 2009
Fun, fun, fun! – The Pet Play House has a big new building down on E. Fourth St. Looks like tons of fun for dogs. Tons of fun for my kid too who thinks that each time we go there it is a trip to the zoo or something LOL! Our dog seems to know what she’s doing when she gets there because she tries to push open the swinging doors that go back to the play rooms. She thinks she’s just allowed to “let herself right in.” Neat-o unique business, what a great idea! Must be such an awesome job to get to play with so many different dogs every day. Our one dog is ENOUGH for us though!

5staron Yelp, Apr 08, 2009
Robbie W.
I am a new customer, been bringing my dog for a couple weeks now for day care. Pretty spectacular place! My dog is a puppy and gets so excited to play with her friends there. One of the main reasons I decided on this place is because I do feel really safe leaving my dog. I know they make sure to only enroll dogs that are social and safe around other dogs. The building and everything is another perk of course because it looks so fun. But no matter how big and fun it looks if I didnt’ think my dog would be well cared for I just wouldn’t bring my dog there. My dog actually made an Easter paw print craft for me the other day! Just like in child daycare!

5staron Yelp, Mar 29, 2009
Lynne B.
This place is amazing! How lucky we are to have a facility like this in Reno, it is gorgeous. I can’t think of a better, safer way to socialize your puppy with other dogs. I have a pup and am going to take him to pet play house once a week to make sure that he has the opportunity to meet and play with dogs of all sizes and ages.

5star on GoogleMar 18, 2009
A Google User
I am very particular about where I board my dogs. That said: I could not agree more with all of the positive reviews for PETPLAYHOUSE. From the ”condo” concept to the care exhibited for the dogs by staff this place is outstanding.Now that we have found this facility I no longer have to worry about where our dogs will be staying while we are gone.One very important note to those who worry about their dogs being exposed to aggressive animals in a play area : the staff and owners appear to be very particular when it comes to screening a dog for questionable social skills.The dogs also are under constant supervision in the play area.Once again: as a guy, who in his wife’s opinion is far too protective when it comes to his dogs , this place is a grand slam. Might be more expensive than other kennels but the peace of mind is worth over dime.

5star on CitysearchFeb 22, 2009
Fantastic Business – The Pet Play House is wonderful. I take my cavalier king charles spaniel to them. It was so hard for me to leave him that very first time. I never let him out of my sight. After my first visit to the new location I knew it was the right place for him. I request that he be kept with the small sized dogs, because I don’t want him to be trampled by the big dogs. The small dog day care has a yard where he can go to the bathroom and run around with his friends. He can also rest on dog beds and doggy lawn chairs. It is just so precious! It is perfect for my baby boy. Socializing him with other dogs has been a very rewarding experience. The men and women give excellent care to him and all of the other dogs

5staron Yelp, Feb 05, 2009
Greg S.
I really like this place, great environment for dogs. I bring my dog here at least once a week for play time. Doggy day care is not nearly as expensive as people make it out to be, and worth it in my opinion. They are really good with the dogs, and very knowledgeable. They actually really helped me in terms of some training I was having problems with…. acting out on walks mostly. The inside is professional looking. Clean and orderly but not a clinical feel like at the vet. Thats how I know my dog likes it there is by the reaction I see…… TERRIEFIED to go to the vet, but always eagar to get into this place 🙂 I trust them with my dog for boarding also, and I’ve always been satisfied with my experiences. I’m very picky when it comes to my dog, but I know they take great care there. Also I must advise you to buy the duck breast dog treats if you go there…. cheapest I have found in the area. Like under a buck for a bundle of them. They have other cheap treats too, but the duck breasts are what my dog would do anything for. Also during the holidays like fathers day and christmas the dogs make crafts for their owners!

5staron Yelp, Jan 26, 2009
Charlie O.
Back when I had two German Rothwielers I would board them here. I just didn’t have the heart to leave them home when I would be gone for a week or two. The people at this establishment were very good to them and if one of them would get sick they would take care of it. So if anyone wants to take their pets along to Reno, just remember to call ahead of time. Thumbs up.

5staron Yelp, Jan 14, 2009
Linda M.
This is by far the best day care in the Reno/sparks area. When I moved here I made sure to check all the day cares out. THis place is really nice and fun and my dog loves it. The staff is nice, and where the dogs play is huge. It is very bright and sunny too, which is one thing that made me feel comfortable. They have nice turf stuff so the dogs arent on the hard floor all the time. The thing i was most impressed with though was how clean the place was. All the other day cares I went to smelled horrible, and needed some good cleaning. Also at this place they have a ton of room to run around outside. Im not sure about that other review, because its definatly not the experience you get when you tour the place. Ive been there many times and there are no small rooms and they have plenty of workers in all of the play rooms all the time. Maybe that person had only been to their old facility which was smaller (but ive never been there). They dont have a web cam like another day care does, but this place is still the best place you could take your dog. Its really cool and spacious.

5staron Yelow Pages, Jan 02, 2009
This is the best place to take your dog! So bright and clean. My dog had a WONDERFUL time! We liked their boarding so much (and our dog loved it too–she didn’t want to go home with us!) We are now signed up for day care 2 times a week. We boarded her in a really cool condo with a faux yard and TV…added group play for free, and added a couple of walks…I think she had a better vacation than we did!

5staron Citysearch, Dec 30, 2008
Best for boarding in Reno – I have taken my dogs here for many years for boarding…. at their old place and now at their new place. Their new place is much larger! I like how at the new place the dogs can still go indoors or outdoors through dog doors, and how they still have staff there all day and night to watch the dogs the whole time. I board my two dogs there in the group boarding program, so I have not tried their private condo boarding, but I took a tour of everything when they first opened and the condos look really cool! My dogs like the group style boarding that they offer, so thats what we always do. Its affordable, even though it looks high-end. Last i checked (which was several years ago when I was looking around for a place) they charge either less or about the same as other places in reno…. but new places have opened since then, so check out prices. Basically, very trustworthy facility and staff….. never had any problems and I feel like my dogs are in good hands.

5staron Yelp, Dec 26, 2008
Frank J.
The best dog day care and boarding facility in Reno…and the Western United States(?) I can’t believe how great this place is! It’s really bright and fresh and the doggies get to play indoors and outdoors. My dog and I absolutely love it! You will too!

5staron Citysearch, Aug 28, 2008
I’ve seen ’em all…this is the best! – The best–safest (no pit bulls!) cleanest place to take your dog. Very knowledgeable friendly staff. They know everything about dog behavior…they don’t do anything beyond basic obedience dog training though(?) Maybe because that would encourage bad dogs to come(?) You know dogs with issues you don’t want to subject your good dogs to(?) I guess that’s a good idea!

4star on Yelp, Jun 23, 2008
tim c.
Been taking my dog there every work day for the last 20 months. My dog likes going (he’d rather be with me, but what dog doesn’t). I haven’t even considered switching day care since they’re friendly, reasonable and easy to get in and out of. Plus every “special occassion”, your dog gives you something to remember them by. The other good news is their new building will be done soon which will be even more safe and comfortable for your 4 legged friend

5staron Yelow Pages, Nov 28, 2007
I love this place and so does my dog! The employees are super friendly and knowledgeable without being snobby like some places…they never cut down their competition like other places, they let you see the place and make your own choice. It’s not smelly and they don’t take mean dogs, so you don’t have to worry about your baby. Try it! you will like it!

5staron Merchant Circle, Aug 15, 2007
this place is great!!! the best of all I have seen in Reno…they really care and treat the dogs as if they were their own. It’s AIR CONDITIONED too –not true of the other hot stinky places.


“A Dogs Life – The accomodations for our dog at Pet Playhouse was better than many of the 4 star hotels we have stayed at. Excellant staff. Excellent accomodations. A pleasure.” — by “Kathy” (

“Thank you for all your hospitality! I had fun playing, and was so tired when I got home…”


“I love this place!!! It is such a nice facility, there’s so much natural light in there and the floors have that nice turf grass which is way better than concrete. The staff is friendly and you can tell they like the animals… It really is a great way to socialize your pet. I know the concept of doggy day care sounds silly to some people but it is wonderful, if I could afford it I would bring my dog here every day of the work week!… My dog loves Pet Playhouse even more since I boarded him there. He just adores the staff and he’s unhappy whenever I’m unable to take him during the week. I’ve been able to go on vacation and not worry about him once because I know he’s under such great care. He used to act like he was going to the vet when I dropped him off and now he just trots on back, happy as a clam. It really is wonderful to have a place like this to board your pet and I’ll never take my dog anywhere else!” — Oliver’s mom (

“Thank you very much for the Christmas ornaments. What a wonderful surprise and a great addition to our Christmas tree… very touching!”
Joey, Tyler, and their mom

“Thank you again Pet Play House. We were very grateful that you helped us through our family emergency.”
Buster and Wally’s mom and dad


“I boarded my small dog at Pet Play House. I had never boarded her before and was very nervous. The staff there was great and made me feel more at ease. While there she enjoyed participating in play time in the small dog play area. I would board her there again if necessary. I also was impressed with the customer service shown when I received an ornament with my puppy’s picture on it. It was greatly appreciated. The boarding areas were clean and the interior design was quite accommdating.” — by “littlecompanion” (