Reviews from 2016


5star Dec 31, 2016
Terry H.
I tell everyone about you. The number of staff at your facility is far above other places I have visited. They are of great quality. The building gives the dogs variety and a clean new space. The idea of “slumberparty” shows your concern for dog comfort.
Business Response:
Thank you for mentioning our great staff and our staff-to-dog ratio! We think safety and comfort are very important, and having a lot of staff supervising is a big part of that!

5star on GoogleDec 31, 2016
Michelle Taylor
Our puppies love it here! We love the updates and report cards!
Business response:
Thanks Michelle, so glad we provide a service your puppies love!

5star on GoogleDec 31, 2016
Don Gruner

5star on GoogleDec 30, 2016
Jan Valenti
We use Pet Playhouse about 3 times per week and have been doing so since June. We have a labradoodle puppy named Sammy. We had only had Sammy a short time when I was diagnosed with cancer. Pet Playhouse gave us a wonderful outlet for our Sammy to play and work off all that puppy energy. We felt comfortable leaving him in their safe and clean environment. Thank you Pet Playhouse
Business response:
Thanks for the great review Jan! We work hard to provide the safe and clean environment you describe!

5star on Yelp, Dec 30, 2016
Michelle T.
Our puppies love going here and are tired for a couple days after coming home.
We love that we can call anytime for an update and we get a report card to take home.
Business response:
Thank you so much! We are so pleased you and your doggies enjoy their time with us!

5star on Yelp, Dec 27, 2016
Dodi S.
Our dog Hyde LOVES this place and so do we! Lisa and her staff are great care-givers and dog lovers so the dog knows he is loved during his daily and occasional overnight visits.
Business response:
Thank you Dodi! We have always enjoyed Hyde’s visits with us 🙂

5star Dec 25, 2016
Easy drop off and pick up and dog was very happy when returned
Business response:
Thanks so much Claire!

5star on Yelp, Dec 23, 2016
Amber D.
Best place on earth!! They are so great with our fur baby. We love the daily report cards. The doggie arts & crafts on the Holidays are awesome. Everyone remembers all the names of the dogs & greets us when we walk in.
Business response:
Thanks for your nice comments Amber!

5star on GoogleDec 17, 2016
Candice Bielser
I’m totally comfortable with my dogs at Pet Play House. They seem to enjoy being there and I know they’re well taken care of. The cost is well worth having peace of mind while they’re in boarding.
Business response:
Thanks so much Candice! Glad to provide a service that makes you feel at ease leaving your dogs!

5star on Yelp, Dec 12, 2016
Niki B.
This was the first time ever boarding my dog and this place is amazing. I chose it because it’s not a bunch of ‘metal cages’ they are actual rooms. The staff was so kind and let me view his room. I would highly recommend. After boarding here I had to use another place in Reno that had ‘luxury rooms’ for the dogs, but this is not the case. 100% Pet Playhouse is better. Especially for the price.
Business response:
Thank you Niki! We are happy to provide the luxury environment you and your dog expect!

5star on GoogleDec 09, 2016
Amy Pullen
My dog has been going to pet playhouse for 4 years for daycare and still loves it. She loves the staff and her report card often says she “follows staff around” or “cuddled with staff” – she hardly cuddles with me so I know she must like how they treat her. She’s a busy, energetic dog, and her family is just as busy, so having a trusted place to take her on our busiest days is such a reassurance. Even with staffing changes somewhat frequently, they always seem well trained and sweet to my pup. A fun bonus is the dog-made holiday art creations.
Business response:
Thank you Amy we love having your girl come play with us, she keeps us busy too! Thanks for mentioning our staff training, we actually have high training and certification standards for our team members in comparison most facilities in the doggy daycare industry, so we are glad it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

5star on Yelp, Dec 05, 2016
Craig F.
great place. wonderful staff. my dog has gone there 5 days a week for the last four years. it is her second home. why would anyone board their dogs anywhere else. I can sleep better knowing they have someone there all night with them when I am away. my dog gives them a five star rating. I am so glad I found them when my dog was a puppy
Business response:
Thanks Craig for the nice review! We love Miss Sage and are so glad you bring her to play with us! She is a great dog and we always have nice conversations with you when you come in each morning and evening 🙂

5star on GoogleDec 03, 2016
Claire Resnik 

5star Dec 03, 2016
Kari C.
I have been taking my golden retriever to Pet Playhouse for a year, since he was 6. Mos old. He loves it. The employees love him and I feel great about his care. Highly recommend!!
Business response:
Thank you Kari and Apollo!

5star on GoogleDec 03, 2016
Brook Bentley
I really can’t speak highly enough about Pet Play House. I have a border collie mix that has been going there once or twice a week for about 9 months and he’s done an overnight too and I have never once had anything negative to say. They work with my dog while he’s there– I swear his obedience commands are better because of them. He’s tired from playing all day. They give you report cards of your dogs activities from the day. They help communicate with you whenever needed. I’ve referred several friends who now take their dogs and seriously always find myself telling people about Pet Play House. I also tell people in confidence because when people know of Pet Play House they feel or have heard the same. All of this awesome experience for my dog for $20?! I could keep going but seriously if you’re considering anywhere for your dog this is the place no questions asked.
Business response:
Thank you for recommending us, we are glad to tire Biggie out, he’s a great playmate 🙂 And he is quite good at his obedience commands!

5star Dec 03, 2016
Amanda T.
You take great care of my dog. Never have any issues and he is always tired after he leaves there. Love the gifts you have him make us as well.
Business response:
Thank you Amanda and Ace! Ace is a great artist for craft time 🙂

5star on Yelp, Dec 03, 2016
Dianne T.
Our puppy goes there 5 days a week and loves it. The people there are friendly and love the dogs. Every dog is so excited going in and exhausted coming home. They do activities like bubbles and pool time, plus they do arts and crafts. It’s an amazing place!!!!
Business response:
Thanks for the review Dianne!

5star on GoogleDec 03, 2016
Micaul Bosch

5star on GoogleDec 02, 2016
Laura Funk
I’ve used Pet Play House for both daycare and overnight boarding. She isn’t much of a socializer but she runs around with the pack. She’s always excited to go inside and exhausted at the end of her stay. The staff is unbelievably friendly and accommodating.
Business response:
Thanks for mentioning our friendly Pet Play House staff members Laura! See you soon!

5star on Yelp, Dec 02, 2016
Cathy Jo B.
My Mickey loves the social time and staff. He is always exhausted when he gets home!
Business response:
We love having Mickey with us in “Little Dog Land” – Thank you so much for your review!

5star on Yelp, Dec 02, 2016
Marnee H.
Pet Play House is wonderful. My dog looks so forward to going.
It is great.
Business response:
Thank you Marnee! We love having Jax come and we love when he gives us a nice big “smile” when he gets excited 🙂

5starDec 02, 2016
Tamara E.
I was one of The Pet Playhouse’s original clients in the old house next door to the current facility. Jack was 13 1/2 when he passed away and for 13 of those years I trusted him to the care of Lisa, Addie, Bill and all the great employees. Now Rico has been going there since we adopted him. That was 3 1/2 years ago. I would never go anywhere else. I trust these people with my fur baby three days a week and also when we go out of town. Thank goodness for The Pet Playhouse!
Business response:
Thanks for the review Tamara! We love having Rico come to play with us, but we do miss our Jack too! We have fond memories of him in our purple fluffy chair…. such a fitting chair for such a macho doggy!

5star on Yelp, Dec 01, 2016
Rich B.
We have been taking our Dog, Kona, to Pet Play House for day care (and boarding) for a little over two years now. We have a shepherd mix (i.e., an active breed) that requires a lot of stimulation and exercise to be kept sane. Pet Play House has been an an excellent choice. There has never been a single time that I can think of that I haven’t left the place feeling happy that our fur-friend was so well cared for. Kona is also a ‘stranger anxious’ dog that often takes quite a while to warm up to new people. He has never had an issue with any of the staff and they frequently report what a love bug he is. When I heard that and think of how he reacts to strangers around the house it only emphasizes even more that the folks at Pet Play House are carefully hired for their skills in working compassionately with your dog. I can’t recommend highly enough!
Business response:
Thank you Rich! We love having Kona come play, and he really is quite the love bug with us!

5star on GoogleDec 01, 2016
Sharon Stenstadvold
Pet Play House employees are pet lovers! My four-year-old golden retriever loves playing here. She started attending at age six months. A bonus, beyond the pet friendly activities to keep the pets busy and interacting, is the reinforcement of basic training commands. If your pup loves active play time, I can heartily recommend Pet Play House.
Business Response:
Thank you Sharon! We love having Savannah come to play with us! You both are great, thanks again!

5star on Google, Oct 28, 2016
Donna Stephens
Our elderly dog was at the Pet Playhouse for 48 hours when the staff noticed him bleeding from his mouth. They wasted no time in contacting our vet and driving him over for an emergency visit. They found out it was an infection in his mouth. They paid our bill and got medicine. They called us in Seattle twice to inform us of everything. We are so impressed with their quick actions. This was our 5th or 6th stay while we travel. We have never worried about our dog while in their care. Schedule your animals stay way in advance as they book up very quickly. Thank you so much Pet Playhouse for showing such compassion for our boy Ty.

5star on Yelp, Aug 23, 2016
Taylor S.
This place is simply amazing. I have an 80 pound 9 month old bloodhound who is high energy and loves to play. We use to go to dog parks often but kept running into too many aggressive dogs, so I needed a new option. It’s wonderful to take him here and know he’s in good hands and having a great time with other friendly dogs! The staff is super nice and helpful. My pup comes home happy and tired! I highly recommend!
Business response:
Thank you Taylor! We love having Boone come play with us, he’s a great match for a lot of our other puppies here!

5star on GoogleMay 29, 2016
Kristin Hemauer
We have been taking our dogs here for years! The owners are really nice and we always see them when we bring our dogs in. They also keep their staff for a long time, I’ve seen the same faces for years now, and some way back from when we brought our older dog that has since died. Its nice to have a personal connection with the people who are caring for your pets. They are always so nice and reassuring to us. Our dogs also appreciate seeing the same people regularly – I see them through the windows run up to the staff with tails wagging to say hi!
On a handful of occasions we have actually had to board at several other places when PPH was full and we absolutely HAD to leave town. I can say with certainty that our dogs do better physically and mentally when they stay at PPH. They eat better, they smell better, and they rest better once we are home. I can tell they are happy at PPH. Also when we come to pick them up they give us a rundown of how our dogs did, and who they made friends with. We have not gotten nearly the same level of customer service elsewhere.
It is common knowledge among all our family and friends who have dogs that PPH is still the best in town!

5star on Yelp, May 28, 2016
Carol S.
My dogs love staying here. When they see I have driven them to the vet or another boarding place, they put on the brakes and become un-cooperative, but they seem eager to arrive at Pet Play House. They come home happy and clean. I trust the staff.
Business response:
Thanks for the great review Carol! We are so glad we make your doggies happy and comfortable (and keep them clean!) when they are away from home 🙂

4star on GoogleMay 27, 2016
Randi Davis

5star on GoogleMar 19, 2016
Monique Lasting
We love this place for daycare and boarding and wouldn’t ever use another facility. We have rescheduled our trips if pph is booked because we won’t go elsewhere. The staff is very nice to both us and our dog. And I love how they let you see the inside of the facility where your dog will be doing daycare or boarding. The tour times are restricted to certain hours where the dogs are not in the boarding areas so you don’t have to worry about your dog being stressed out by strangers looking at them on a tour if you go on vacation. We have used pph numerous times and our dog has been happy, healthy, and smelling good after each time. They really love her!
Business response:
Thanks for sharing your experiences Monique! Although some might find our tour times restrictive, once they understand those limitations really benefit the dogs and the care we provide, they are grateful for our policies! So thanks for pointing out some of the benefits to us only giving tours between 10am-2pm each day! See you soon!

5star on GoogleFeb 24, 2016
Brad Johnson
By far the best doggie day care place in town. They house all sizes, have an amazing staff and clearly care about the animals in their care. I won’t go anywhere else.

5star on Yelp, Feb 19, 2016
Kimberly O.
I was a little nervous at first, but when I pick up my dog and she was happy and relaxed, I was so happy. I was able to take her home and everything was back to normal. Before I had taken my dog to a friends and it was always a pain because I had to bring everything for her. When I would pick her up she was overly excited I was there and just didn’t seem like a happy dog. Plus once I got her home I felt like I had to retrain her on a few things. There was none of that when I took her to pet play house. She was happy when I picked her up and just went home with no problems. I will be boarding her here from now on!
Business response:
Thanks for sharing your experience Kimberly! We are so glad we provide a better alternative to having a friend watch your doggy! Hope to see you again soon 🙂

5star on Yelp, Feb 12, 2016
Kristy C.
When it comes to my best bud, I’m not likely to cut any corners. My goal is that she’s happy, healthy, and stops tracking poop in the house.
I found Pet Play House while looking for new daycare options closer to Renown, and I’m really glad that I did. She’s only been there for daycare, so I’ll have to update once she’s stayed the night there (currently the in-laws serve as our local pet boarding facility).
Katie’s a 70-pound Greyhound who loves p
eople and thinks other dogs are just “meh.” She’s not going to really go out of her way to play with them, and if they jump on her she’s likely to growl. She prefers to wander by herself, sniff, and find where the humans are hiding.
We have to drag her out of daycare here. She runs from the car to the door, and at the end of the day it’s like we are separating her from her best friend. They take really good care of her, and it’s a really nice environment where she has access to the outside at all times as well as having a nice warm place to snuggle.
Everyone has always been really nice and easy to work with, so it’s good for the humans as well.
My only suggestion is that they have a stack of dog wipes on the counter so you can wipe your pup down at the end of the day. After a week of day care, Katie stank! She doesn’t usually smell much, so I have to assume it’s constantly being surrounded by other pets. Not a negative, just a suggestion.
Update coming soon when we’ve experienced the daycare part of Pet Play House.