Expansion! Phase 1


We are excited to share some pictures of the very first stages of our 4-part expansion!  We are adding another story to one of our play areas.  Once this is complete, it will give us the room we need to add in a second story in another area… phase 2.  After that, we have expansions in two more areas as well.

Lots of work!  But lots of excitement too!  These pictures don’t show much so far, but we plan to keep you all updated as the entire project progresses!

You can definitely count on more boarding accommodations (Yay!  We won’t be full months in advance anymore!) and some very fun new activities for our daycare and boarding doggies are being built-in as well!

Stay tuned for more updates!

construction_phase1_001 construction_phase1_002 construction_phase1_003 construction_phase1_004 construction_phase1_005 construction_phase1_006