Fun Doggie Add-Ons

Walk: 1/2 mile walk on leash $6
Walk: 1 mile walk on leash $10
Car ride: All doggies wear seat belts and are taken on a scenic route within the city! $6
Private ball chasing: Dogs get one-on-one private play with our staff for 10 minutes in one of our large yards. $3
Private sniff and run: Dogs get to have a large yard all to themselves to sniff and run. This is especially good for dogs who do not meet our daycare or slumber party requirements. $3
Nail trim $10
Ear cleaning $5
Tooth brushing $8
Shampoo – dry (short hair) $20
Shampoo – dry – brush (long hair) $30
Paw pad conditioner $5
Nail paint $3
20 Minute massage $15