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Team members getting CPR certified!

Team members getting CPR certified!

Pet Play House is a unique doggy daycare and luxury boarding hotel in Reno, NV.  We have continued to be innovators in the pet care industry for 16 years and counting, and we are in constant search of the best possible staff to help us reach our goals!  If you are interested in a career in the dog-care field we invite you to pursue existing and future opportunities with our growing company.  We operate using a performance based pay system for our team members, with opportunities for weekly bonuses and career advancement.

Our team understands that although they themselves may see many dogs in a day, each pet parent is interested in only their dog, and their dog is very special to them. Our clients know that when they entrust their dog to our care we will treat their dog as someone precious and loved.  Our clients are sure their dogs will be treated SAFELY and COMPASSIONATELY under the care of experts in the industry.  Our clients know that when they leave their dog with us, each and every team member that comes in contact with their dog knows who the dog is by name and breed and knows the usual behaviors, appearance, and personality of their dog.

At the Pet Play House we are a professional, like­-minded group of pet lovers. We are a well­-coordinated team, that develops plans and systems that work.  We make our customers’ experiences with us memorable and personal.

Team member painting party!

Team member painting party!

Working with the dogs at Pet Play House is a rewarding yet challenging experience. We have a detailed education program that will not only train you about daily tasks but also about canine behavior, body language, CPR, and first aid.  A love for dogs is important, but a great work ethic is paramount. Plan on working weekends and holidays as these are our busiest times. Dog care is not just interacting with the dogs. It is providing a healthy and safe environment for them as well. So cleaning the facility, feeding, monitoring dog behavior and health, and yes socializing with and petting the dogs are all part of this unique career opportunity.  Additionally we provide a fantastic indoor/outdoor facility.  So this means that even while it is raining or hot outside, we do still reinforce potty training outdoors with our dogs and play in the pools with them in the summer!  Shade and heaters are part of our outdoor facilities.  Many of our team members are vet techs, or have veterinary background, however we have some team members that have chosen this field for a complete career change!

Pet Play House’s front office team has direct contact with our pet parents.  They communicate dog behavior as well as our company policy and procedures.  They work heavily on the phones, giving tours, taking payments, making reservations, and answering questions about our services and products that we sell in our retail store.  If you have restaurant, hotel, or spa experience then Pet Play House might be the place for you!  We have some team members that work solely in our front office, and some that will do a half day out with the dogs and then the rest in the front office.

We offer grooming services exclusively as add-on services to our Pet Play House clients.  While we do not groom difficult coat-types or offer trims or hair cuts, we do a high volume of basic baths, nails, tooth and ear cleanings each day!  Experienced bathers are a perfect fit here at the Pet Play House!  Our groomers are not limited to grooming only – they also work out on the floor with the daycare and boarding dogs during their shifts.

Pet Play House - Doggie Slumber PartyPet Play House’s overnight team members have a very high level of responsibility!  They do daily sleepovers with our Slumber Party dogs as well as feeding breakfast and dinner to everyone, in addition to daily facility disinfection and sanitizing.  They also supervise and clean in a group-dog environment and get our daycare rooms ready for the dogs that will arrive each day.  An overnight team member typically would work only one or two nights per week, however some of our team members will have an overnight and then a daytime shift or two later in the week as well.

How to Proceed…

If you feel like you’d be the perfect addition to our team, please fill out our Employment Questionnaire.  It will ask you to copy and paste in your resume, so please be on a computer where your resume is available!  If this is not possible you could also re-type your resume information into the form.